The Process


As at the heart of any job, in order to assure a successful installation of a seamless floor coating it is essential to perform pre-installation tests as well as a detailed physical preparation process.

  • On every application that we perform to we always use an electronic instrument to measure the moisture content in the floor so as to determine the exact materials to be used. In some cases a more detailed inspection is required before commencement of work.
  • All cracks are ground out,cleaned and overfilled.
  • The whole floor is then ground using at least one type of diamond grinder. The choices are a custom planetary 3 head floating diamond grinder, a dual fixed head diamond grinder or a single fixed head diamond grinder. Your installer will determine the combination to be used. The perimeter of the floor area and all edges are hand ground using a variable speed hand diamond grinder.
  • A dust control system is used so as to minimize concrete dust.
  • the floor is then checked and de-greased where necessary.
  • The whole floor is then thoroughly brushed and vacuumed clean.

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