A Bit Of Our History

Garage Doctors was created in the UK in 1999, and was two years in the making during which time extensive research was undertaken for product suitability, machinery and install techniques necessary to provide successful installations. Garage Doctors American operation was also headquartered in the USA in 1999.
The Garage Doctors: Treating Florida’s Hidden Epidemic Of Wasted Space.

Over the years, Florida garages have evolved from mere shelters for the car to much more functional and flexible spaces that can serve almost any purpose imaginable. From pool table room to home fitness center, the potential uses for this space are infinite. Simply start on the ground floor or in this case, on the garage floor.

Back in the late 1990‘s Sam Lucas was the founder of The Garage Doctors, developers of the Easy Clean Flooring System, a high-gloss, solvent-free permanent garage coating with no nasty smells. Lucas had been using this coating commercially for clients such as Glaxo and Morgan Stanley, and for local fire and EMS stations in the UK.

This special floor coating withstands the daily abuse of heavy industrial equipment and chemical spills. Its high-gloss finish is ideal for clients who need clean work environments, and its unique “low-skid” surface helps prevent slip-and-fall injuries.

Lucas developed the system for domestic use after shopping for a new home in Sarasota, Florida. In touring several upscale models, he couldn’t help noticing how the garage floors looked cheap and dingy compared with other pristine finishes throughout the homes. “You had expensive tile floors, marble counters and cherry cabinets everywhere you looked,” he says, “until you reached the garage.” To Lucas, the plain, often unsealed concrete floors were unreasonable in homes ranging from the $300,000s to $1 million plus.

So Lucas began offering his Easy Clean Flooring System to Sarasota homeowners at about half the cost of commercial installation. With an ever growing list of satisfied clients in residential enclaves like The Oaks,Laurel Oak and University Park Country Club,the easy clean flooring system was and continues to be a big success.

The Liquid terrazzo system finished surface (now known as Platinum random flake) comes in different colors with a selection of multi-colored PVA flakes (for skid reduction), which combine to create many attractive color combinations. Installation is a two- day process, with normal foot traffic and the replacement of items such as refrigerators permitted the next day.

Lucas’ development of Easy Clean Floors , which includes a high-tech surface preparation process, originated from his 30 years of experience in applying and manufacturing specialty coatings as a contractor in the United Kingdom. “I am accustomed to dealing with top architects and professionals on major projects, and am now pleased to bring that same tradition of quality and service to the residential market,” he says. Garage Doctors Specialty is in Floor coatings.

In the year 2000 Mike Blackshaw located in Tampa, Florida had the system installed in his own garage and was so impressed that he negotiated with Sam and purchased Garage Doctors in its entirety from Lucas for America. Mike is a city and guilds of London Institute (UK Certification) advanced craft (passed with credits and distinctions) mechanical services engineer.

In 2003 Blackshaw developed and introduced an upgrade to the easy clean flooring system known as Liquid Granite ( now known as Platinum Flake ). A stronger system with a finish that looks like granite. Another easy clean flooring system that just requires hosing and squeegeeing to clean in a garage or just mopping when installed in the home.

Easy Clean Flooring comes with a two or five year guarantee, depending which system is chosen Terrazzo (Platinum Random Flake) or Granite ( Platinum Flake ).

Platinum Quartz system has since been designed and developed, giving a completely different look of multi-colored sand on the floor.

Our latest development and introduction of Metallic Epoxy has been introduced. This system gives a unique appearance to any floor surface. No two floors can be replicated exactly – Truly Custom.

Garage Doctors headquarters is in Tampa, Florida.

With choices of systems to fit everyone’s budget please feel free to contact us.

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