Two Flake System Styles  to Choose From:

 System 1

RFS Image

Midnight Blue

When completed the floor looks like a terrazzo floor. True Terrazzo floors were extensively installed many years ago using natural stones. Nowadays there are very few tradesman left that can actually install or repair them. Our Platinum Random Flake system is an affordable way to get that look using modern day technology and resins.

System 2

System 2 – Option 1

PF Image

Platinum Flake Epoxy

System 2 – Option 2

pf+ image

Platinum Flake Polyaspartic


When completed the floor looks like a granite floor. To actually lay a granite floor would be very cost prohibitive.Our Liquid resin system now makes that look achievable using modern day technology and resins at a  reasonable price.

Mixture of System 1 and System 2

Platinum Flake and Platinum Random Flake  Systems

Used On One Floor Area

Granite and Terazzo Look


This is a great picture of  the very first Platinum flake floor we did back in 2004 when we introduced the full flake system to Florida. Prior to that we had only been installing the random flake system. It shows the difference in look between the two systems. The Random flake is to the rear in a workshop area and the full flake to the front.

Materials used.

  • Two part 100% solids* commercial grade epoxy – Tinted.
  • Two part 100% solids* commercial grade epoxy –  Clear. 


When using 100% solids quality resins, during the application working time is very limited and so makes it a difficult product to work with especially in higher temperatures. If lower grade resins are used which contain solvents then the working time is increased but the final finish is compromised.

With 100% solids resins when applied at say 10mils per coat wet, the floor will dry at say 10mils. If a solvent based resin is used with 60% solids and 40% solvent the floor may be applied at say 10 mils per coat wet but will dry at only 6mils as 40% will just evaporate.

System 3

PQ Image


The QUARTZ system offers a softer more subtle look.

System 4

MSS Image


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