Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do with all my stuff in the garage ?
A. view this as a great time to spring clean the garage and clean everything out that you really do not use. Too many times we see valuable cars parked on the drive simply because the garage is full of junk. The items you want to save you can either place in the house or in the rear lanai area or you can rent a POD type system and have that placed on your driveway.

Q. Why do you have to diamond grind the floor ?
A. At the heart of any job the preparation is key to success. We dry diamond grind every floor that we are going to do an install on.
The reasons are to remove the top layer of contaminates but more importantly to put a profile into the concrete surface so that the resin has something to bite to.

Q. Will there be any dust ?
A. We use a powerful dust control system to minimize dust. But being honest there is always some dust that escapes. At the end of the day we are grinding concrete. After we have finished grinding we always vacuum the floor.

Q. How many days will it take to do the install ?
A. Dependent on the system and level you choose any where from 2 – 4 days. It is possible to do a complete install in 1 day using polyaspartic throughout the whole process.

Q. What are my options for the type of system I want ?
1: Plain colored epoxy floor.
2: Plain colored epoxy floor with a light broadcast of PVA flakes (Random flake system).
3: Full flake system (Platinum Flake system)
4: Full flake system using metallic mica flakes (platinum flake system)
5: Quartz crystal (Platinum Quartz system)
6: Metalic epoxy system
Plenty of choices to suite everyones budget.

Q. How long after the install until I can walk on it and put my stuff back ?
A. You can walk on the floor the very next day, but we recommend staying off the floor for a day after completion.

Q. How long after the install until I can park my cars back in the garage ?
A. 3 days usually. If polyaspartic is used then the next day.This is never a problem for our customers, who just love there new floors.

Q. How do I clean the new floor ?
A. Thats the easy bit using any of “our easy clean flooring systems”. Simply hose the floor with water and squeegee.
If you do get any stubborn stains just agitate them using dish soap and then hose off and dry.

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