(Adhesion Rate To Concrete 350 psi)

epoxy-floorThe epoxy floor coating that we use is one of the most durable and longest lasting UV resistant epoxy concrete coatings on the market today. Our  Industrial Epoxy of choice  is a 100% solids epoxy, giving a high gloss finish making it ideal for use as an industrial concrete floor coating for warehouses and industrial manufacturing plants, as well as domestic and commercial  garages. 100%solids epoxy is a term used to describe the volume of solids in a coating system. It’s what is left over after the epoxy coating dries. 100% solids will yield 100% dried material after the floor coating fully dries. (A 50% volume solids will yield 50% of the thickness after the floor coating fully dries) . Most epoxies are around 50% volume solids with 50% solvents. If you wish to compare the thickness after dried application between Garage Doctors Industrial Epoxy of choice  and most other 50% solids epoxies you would need 2 x gallons to equal exactly the thickness of 1 gallon of the our Epoxy Floor Coating. Our Concrete Floor Epoxy comes in clear and pigmented forms and is ideally used as a body coat that will hide imperfections in the concrete surface. Our  Epoxy has great flow and self leveling properties and it will lay out like glass when applied at thicker rates over a concrete floor. Our Concrete Floor Epoxy can be used as a high build system and will accept decorative flakes  and quartz broadcasts.

Fire-Engine-on-FloorHOW IT WORKS

Garage Doctors Concrete Preparation is second to none ! We mechanically prepare the concrete by removing the top thin layers of the concrete substrate. By doing this, we ensure there are no contaminates to interfere with the bond between the Bond Coat and the concrete substrate. Our Bond Coat material penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a tight bond that will last for years to come. A second coat (100% solids epoxy)is then applied if there is to be no media applied. An optional clear coat can then be applied too.

Garage Doctors can apply a heavy blanket of Media (decorative flakes or quartz crystal systems) to excess into the Bond Coat, which creates a heavy, durable foundation. Once this has cured, we then apply our CR Top Coat, which is a thick, chemical and UV resistant topcoat made to encapsulate the media, giving you a rich, tough, and beautiful finished floor.


Our Polyurethane of choice is a two component, polyester/aliphatic floor coating.

The high gloss finish offers superior chemical and stain resistance, abrasion resistance, weathering and UV Stability.

It is also used as a finish coat option on most Systems to improve stain resistance, wear and chemical resistance.

Polyaspartic – (85% Solids)

The polyaspartic we use is of a very high quality, with a unusually high solids content of 85%.

Our Polyaspartic Coating is a solvent based two component 85% solids polyaspartic aliphatic clear coating.

Polyaspartic Coating has excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, UV stability and works exceptionally well as a crystal clear , clear coat.

Other installers commonly use 63% solids or 72% solids polyaspartic as it is easier to work with , but compromises the final thickness and strength of the floor coating.