Tampa Custom Flooring The Garage Doctors is the #1 Tampa Custom Flooring Company. We specialize in a wide variety of sealed floor techniques, epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring. You’ll be floored by our finished product. You can even go a step further and have your custom flooring decked out with personalized logos and floor graphics. All of our materials are top quality and our expert flooring contractors work around your schedule and budget to ensure that you are satisfied start to finish.

While we are experts at residential flooring, we also corner the market in commercial epoxy flooring. Commercial flooring is ideal for Garage Floors, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Healthcare Facilities, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, as well as Government Buildings. We also provide concrete repairs prior to applying any epoxy finishes.

Our Custom Epoxy Flooring is easily managed and can really add value to any property or business. Garage Doctors does both residential and commercial custom  flooring Tampa.

Our personalized service and attention to detail is second to none. Each flooring installation is customized to your personal requirements and lifestyle. Garage Doctors install custom made epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring and polyaspartic floor coatings. This has also become very popular for Garage Floors because of its resistance to chemicals, durability and wide range of colors.

Residential & Commercial Custom Flooring Tampa

Polished Concrete Flooring There is no better solution on the market than an epoxy flooring for garage floors. It is chemical resistant , durabile and with the wide range of textures- colors and finishes it will provide the look and feel you want.

Polyurethane Floors are actually amazingly resilient, easy to clean and last for years. Other types of floor coatings merely paint over the existing surface. That type of cheap floor coating is prone to scuffs, scratches and wear and tear that can show in the first month. Well, not with Garage Doctors. Our Tampa custom flooring services are of the highest quality, are stain resistant and provide an easy to clean surface.

Best Tampa Custom Flooring Company

Don’t let our name fool you, Garage Doctors doesn’t just create stunning epoxy floor coatings for luxury garages. Our Tampa Flooring Company has transformed commercial buildings, schools, kitchens and whole office buildings into gleaming works of art.

Give Garage Doctor’s design consultants a call and get a FREE No Obligation Tampa Flooring Consultation. Our Tampa Flooring Company installs custom made Epoxy Floors that aim to impress. Unlike tiles that can come loose or paint that can peel, our fully warrantied epoxy flooring is thick, seamless and permanently bonded to the existing concrete floor.


High Definition Floor Graphics & Epoxy Flooring Tampa

Floor Graphics Garage Doctors is also proud to offer high definition floor graphics that can be sealed into your floor coating. We have an in-house graphic designer and large format printer that can put your team name, crest, logo, business name or moniker on any floor surface. Make a first impression with Garage Doctors’ bold floor graphics.

Epoxy Floor Coatings. Polyurethane and Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Specialist’s. Garage Floor Coatings In the Tampa Bay Area. Top Quality service and materials on EVERY job. Not just floor painting, but a professional floor coating company. Flooring systems installed to last.