resurface our garage floor

We interviewed several companies. This one gave us the most comprehensive assessment of our garage floor and also explained the differences between the various products on the market to resurface garage floors. Given the extensive water damage problem we had in one spot they recommended a heavy duty water proofer layer first followed by design flakes we picked out and then then two coats of polyasparate, rather than epoxy. This did result in the garage project taking a full four days to complete but we were very satisfied with the results – it looks simply amazing. Allowing more time for the garage to dry after each coat also allowed them to use a higher strength of the products. Companies that push one day completions are forced to use diluted products in order for them to dry quickly enough to permit this. We could walk on the floor at 24 hours, place materials back in the garage at 48 and put our cars back in the garage at 96 hours. We did find a single, quarter sized defect after we moved the garage contents back in. They apologized and made arrangements to send someone out immediately. They did a repair in about 15 minutes that was so good we can’t tell anymore where the defect was. Overall we were extremely pleased with the results.

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