Garage Floor surfaced with Epoxy/Polyaspartic; also Water Mitigation

Mike and his helper did an absolutely wonderful job! We started out this project because we saw calcium deposits and water “puddles” on the original concrete flooring in our 3-car garage. This indicated we needed what is termed “water mitigation” to seal the concrete so that the water and calcium would no longer come up through the ground beneath. We then decided to have the floor be redone with newer looking epoxy/polyaspartic coating to modernize. Mike was very thorough in explaining the overall process. In fact, he was the only one of 3 companies who wouldn’t guarantee that the mitigation would be 100% effective. We appreciated his honesty. Mike spent 4 days to finish the work, and thus spent a lot of time to ensure the job went well. It did go very well and we are very happy. We would highly recommend Garage Doctors to fix an ailing garage floor!!

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