Epoxy Floor Coatings Review Tampa

Michele, Tampa, FL 33647

For years my husband has asked that we epoxy our garage floor. He finally decided to do it himself.

It lasted about a week before the paint started chipping. A few years later I developed a need for the garage floor to be painted but not just painted… I wanted 3 colors to use as backdrops. I asked friends, scoured the internet for vendors and obtained a few estimates. That’s when I found Mike with Garage Doctors. I love it when I meet business owners who are as professional as Mike is! He showed up on time every day that he needed to be here, his knowledge of his products is impressive and his pricing is fair. He works so hard and it shows. At that time, he recently began working with a newer product – metallics. Its different from the epoxy you see on most garage floors. In the areas I had him paint it blue, it literally looks like water.

Every time I step on my garage floor, I marvel at how beautiful it is. Who knew a garage floor could matter so much?! It took Mike a few days longer than he anticipated, to no fault of his own. It was a vendor issue and he was most apologetic. The process requires him to work multiple days as it has to dry in between coats, etc. I trust him so much that I gave him our garage code for as many days as he needed to be here. He’s extremely professional and affable. His pricing for what he does is also very competitive. I’ve been asked if my floor cost more than $5,000 because it LOOKS like it did. The entire job for 3 different colors and about 10 days of work was only $3700 and that included an extra large block of wood I had him paint for an additional backdrop. I highly recommend Garage Doctors if you want a professionally painted garage floor!

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