Epoxy Floor Coatings Review Palm Harbor

Todd, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Mike did a great job on this project. It took a day to grind down the flooring with their diamondgrinder and apply the first coat of finish and flakes. The overall look of the floor is amazing over what was there previously, which consisted of gray floor paint. As an overall end product, I feel like the results that were achieved were fantastic (A+). If I’m being completely honest and providing the bad with the good, I’d have to say that I was slightly disappointed in the amount of loose flakes that were scattered around my paver driveway and in the cracks against the house. I would also caution that this process generates a good bit of dust that collects on shelving, ledges, and tools that are hung on the walls. If I was going to offer this company advice on one area they could improve, I would suggest they pay a visit 24 hours after the project wraps up and vacuum up residual flakes and use an air compressor to blow the excess dust out of the garage, before the customer moves everything back in. That would probably differentiate you from other providers. Again though, I am thoroughly impressed with the end result and would highly recommend this provider to anyone looking to really transform their garage.

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