Epoxy base, flakes and 2 layers of polyasparate coating on 3-car garage floor

I cannot say enough good things about the preparation and final results that The Garage Doctors did on our 3-car garage floor. The house was a new purchase for us and the garage floor had stains and cracks from the previous owners. Tom and his workers took so much time and care to grind the concrete surface and seal all the cracks. They were down on their hands and knees grinding the edges and corners, and took particular care around existing equipment, like the a/c handlers. There were some additional large cracks that they had to spend more time on. They really focused on the preparation and knew that if the surface wasn’t prepped properly, they wouldn’t be able to install the product with confidence. They did an outstanding job of applying the colored base epoxy coat and covering it with a heavy layer of flakes. That needed a day to dry. They then came back and scraped and shaved the flakes to get a smooth surface. After sweeping and vacuuming the piles of flake debris, they proceeded to roll on the first coat of clear polyasparate. That needed about 3 hours to dry before applying the second coat. With the 2nd coat, we had them sprinkle on a fine sand so the final surface would not be slippery when wet. They did little things that impressed me. They never put their equipment or sharp tools on an unprotected surface. They always laid their stuff on cardboard or blankets. When they were grinding the concrete, the grinder was attached to a mega vacuum that sucked up about 98% of the concrete dust. They really paid attention to details. In all, it took 3 full days to complete the job, then 4 days before we could park our cars on the surface. Do NOT be tempted to hire a company that promises a completed floor in one day; they will cut corners and you will be left with a substandard result. The Garage Doctors were professional, courteous, and proud of their work. We are amazed at how gorgeous and practical the garage floor is now. It was well worth the investment.

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